If you are reading this and continue to do so, you are about to undertake a journey in the pursuit of stories from places, far and away, within the vast expanse of the Maharashtrian countryside.
It might come to you as a great surprise that there exist places in this country, up to where no illegible mud-splattered milestones or bright neon signboards lead. Trying to locate these places on your smart phone’s GPS system is, in my opinion, the first world definition of the word imbecile. The wise folk try to find them on foot, while following directions from someone who has been there before, with just enough precision. If you’ve not exhausted all your lucky stars and they’re still watching over you, you will not miss that very dingy, inconspicuous left turn, or that isolated white building in the middle of nowhere, whose sole purpose now seems to be, to serve as a distinguishable landmark. Blessed will be those, who will not mispronounce the names of bus-stops, for the powers of accurate enunciations, lie with only a fortunate few and only those will reach these destinations without getting completely lost. For the rest of us, a fervent belief in the idea that sometimes getting lost is a good thing is mostly the only hope.
These utterly isolated places are nested in the middle of hills and mountains in the interiors of Raigad. Strips of the Maharashtrian countryside, housing a population of the Kathkari tribe, intersect at kuccha crossroads with mammoth industrial plants, giving birth to some of the most riveting human interactions, forming never-told tales. This is where we begin our journey…

  1. Gavati Chaha

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